Dear Jack,

5.9.17 – The day my life changed forever. The day you made me a mummy.

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Too many choices …

I truly didn’t ever expect to be this overwhelmed by choice for baby things. Do I choose this bouncer or that changing mat? I feel like its being made that bit harder not knowing whether we are having a boy or girl. I have decided to just stick to neutral colours like grey, white, yellow and mint green for anything to do with the baby though.

The biggest mine field I’ve encountered so far has been choosing a buggy and car seat. I have spent longer pouring over websites, visiting shops and reading reviews then I did choosing my wedding dress! After extensive searching I am 99.9% sure we are going to go for the Silver Cross Wayfarer Chelsea

$_86I love the brown leather handle, the colour and fabric of the carry cot and from the two occasions I have pushed it round mothercare it feels lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. I am hoping to get either of these changing bags, the Babymel Grace or Babymel Ally and think either of them would look nice hanging off this pram. It’s the little things right?

So once we felt we had conquered the pram battle we decided to start researching car seats. The Wayfarer does comes with a matching car seat, which was tempting but we don’t think we are going to be using the car seat on the pram. We are hoping to just leave it in the car and move baby between – although this could change once baby is here. After many headaches again trawling websites and shops, a friend recommended the Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix and raved about it so much we thought why not go on her review. We have since read great things about it as a car seat, stating that it is lightweight and practical. Sounds perfect. We are hoping to get the iso-fix base to go with it, although I believe you can secure this using your cars seat belt.


I can’t wait to actually purchase these and get them set up and ready for Baby’s arrival. I feel relieved that we have made our choices too. No more headaches! We are simply holding off buying until we have completed on our house move, which should be in the next month! Then I can really start nesting.

Have you purchased any of these products? Have we made the right choices?



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Pregnancy at 20 weeks.

I am now at the half way point of pregnancy and have had my 20 week scan which was absolutely amazing. It was so good to see the baby again on the screen and be told that all is looking well and healthy, which is all we could have asked for. So I thought I would answer most of the pregnancy tag questions again to see if any of my answers had changed.

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Mumma to be wishlist.

I have to admit now that before I became pregnant I was a shopaholic/spendaholic. I enjoyed spending money on nice new clothes, shoes or accessories. Since being pregnant my shopping habits have changed slightly. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had to make a few purchases for maternity style clothes as my tummy expands but generally my browsing is taking place in very different shops now.

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Feeling human.

Since finding out I was pregnant I have struggled with changing skin. I haven’t had the ‘glow’ people talk about. In fact I would describe myself as looking more bedraggled then anything else. Permanently tired with an outbreak of oily teen looking skin!

I was lucky enough to get some gift vouchers for my birthday and being as I can’t buy myself new clothes, I treated myself to new make up.

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I went for two new foundations – one that I could use on a day to day basis and a special occasion one. The Rimmel Match Perfection foundation is amazing for it’s price. Buildable coverage that gives a nice fresh finish. It has great lasting power too. It has really saved me over the last couple of months by hiding my hideous skin and making me look fresh.

I went to a Chanel counter in my local John Lewis, armed with vouchers and determination to treat myself. I explained to the lovely assistant that I wanted something that would cover my blemishes, help with the excess oil I was experiencing and make me look amazing. She delivered on two of the three at least 🙂 She recommended the Le Teint Ultra Tenue in the shade ’30 beige’. I wore this to a wedding a couple of weeks ago and was told by a number of people that I looked healthy and ‘glowing’. It’s a matte finish foundation that gives a dewy finish with amazing coverage. It was still in place a good 12 hours after I put it on. It really does make me feel good when I wear it.  Continue reading “Feeling human.”

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Pregnancy tag.

So one the topics I’ll be rambling about on this blog is pregnancy. Finding out I was pregnant was one of my incentives to start a blog as I would love to meet and talk to other mums or mums to be!

How far along are you? 

I am 14 weeks and 3 days.

How did you find out? 

We found out the day before Christmas eve. I had been to try on wedding dresses and when the bridal assistant was pulling me into these beautiful dresses I felt extremely tired and dizzy! I then realised that my period was late. I decided to take a test, however the first one was very faint so we dashed out to Tesco and got an all singing, all dancing one, which confirmed I was pregnant. Merry Christmas to us!

Morning Sickness? 

I felt horrendously nauseous constantly but was only sick a few times. I swear by the travel bands! Whether they truly work or just act as a placebo effect – they helped me loads.

Are you finding out the sex?

No – we both agree that they are not many surprises in life anymore so this will be the best surprise we can give ourselves. We know it’s a baby and will be happy either way. I really want my partner to tell me what we’ve had too!

Mood changes?

Oh the emotions!!! I was so emotional in the first trimester, anything could or would cause me to cry!


I don’t really know if they are cravings but I’ve been wanting more salty foods than usual. A bit like I’ve got a permanent hangover! I’ve also been loving cereal and toast with Philadelphia on!

Other symptoms?

Very tired, all the time! And my skin is horrendous.

Excited for?

Obviously meeting our baby for the first time but I would say now the 20 weeks scan so we can see him/her again!


We haven’t started thinking about that yet. We are possibly going to move before the baby arrives so could be one of the last things we do! I would like the colour scheme to be very grey and yellow with some mint green though.

Any pregnancy must haves? 

If you are suffering with sickness/nausea then I would recommend travel sickness bands. I got mine in boots and wore them religiously throughout my first trimester.

I hope you enjoyed reading this tag – it was nice to reflect on my pregnancy so far. I would love to hear from any of you that are pregnant or have been pregnant!

Here is my first ever bump selfie!




Hi and welcome to the tiny space of the internet where I am going to ramble about things I like. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a few years now as I enjoy reading others and watching vloggers. I was sat in a staff meeting recently when a colleague asked how often we write for pleasure. I couldn’t remember the last time I had, despite enjoying writing when I was younger.

My current job, whilst being a job I’ve always dreamed of doing, doesn’t give me much opportunity to chat or write about my latest make up purchases or share my recent clothing haul. I feel like this will be the perfect place for me to air my views and opinions and hopefully meet some new people along the way.