Mumma to be wishlist.

I have to admit now that before I became pregnant I was a shopaholic/spendaholic. I enjoyed spending money on nice new clothes, shoes or accessories. Since being pregnant my shopping habits have changed slightly. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had to make a few purchases for maternity style clothes as my tummy expands but generally my browsing is taking place in very different shops now.

One website I cannot stop visiting is Mamas and Papas – I really need to go and visit a shop. I love the colours that they use to create their prints or patterns on baby items. They are so gender neutral, which is perfect for us as we didn’t find out the baby’s gender at our 20 week scan. Here is a selection of things I am hoping to get for bub – you can find links to all these items on my baby wantfeed.


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Since my 12 week scan I have been buying little bits for the baby, mainly baby grows but also a couple of cute comforters and a really soft lush elephant. I have been enjoying looking in these shops for baby bits: John Lewis, Next, The White Company, Jojo Maman Bebe and of all places – Morrisons!

I will admit I am finding it hard to buy things when you don’t know the gender – the baby grows I have picked up so far are pretty much white and grey. I find myself wandering round baby sections of shops looking at both baby boy and girl clothes wondering what we are having, which is all part of the excitement and surprise.

I am also still unsure what things are essential purchases and what things I am thinking of getting just because they look nice. So if anyone has any recommendations for necessary items, I would love to hear them!

Our next battle is going to be the pram and car seat! We are fairly certain we are going to buy the Silver Cross Wayfarer but are not sure what to do about a car seat. Do we go for one that needs an isofix base or one of these seats that are suitable from birth to around age 12? Again any recommendations would be amazing.




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