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Pregnancy tag.

So one the topics I’ll be rambling about on this blog is pregnancy. Finding out I was pregnant was one of my incentives to start a blog as I would love to meet and talk to other mums or mums to be!

How far along are you? 

I am 14 weeks and 3 days.

How did you find out? 

We found out the day before Christmas eve. I had been to try on wedding dresses and when the bridal assistant was pulling me into these beautiful dresses I felt extremely tired and dizzy! I then realised that my period was late. I decided to take a test, however the first one was very faint so we dashed out to Tesco and got an all singing, all dancing one, which confirmed I was pregnant. Merry Christmas to us!

Morning Sickness? 

I felt horrendously nauseous constantly but was only sick a few times. I swear by the travel bands! Whether they truly work or just act as a placebo effect – they helped me loads.

Are you finding out the sex?

No – we both agree that they are not many surprises in life anymore so this will be the best surprise we can give ourselves. We know it’s a baby and will be happy either way. I really want my partner to tell me what we’ve had too!

Mood changes?

Oh the emotions!!! I was so emotional in the first trimester, anything could or would cause me to cry!


I don’t really know if they are cravings but I’ve been wanting more salty foods than usual. A bit like I’ve got a permanent hangover! I’ve also been loving cereal and toast with Philadelphia on!

Other symptoms?

Very tired, all the time! And my skin is horrendous.

Excited for?

Obviously meeting our baby for the first time but I would say now the 20 weeks scan so we can see him/her again!


We haven’t started thinking about that yet. We are possibly going to move before the baby arrives so could be one of the last things we do! I would like the colour scheme to be very grey and yellow with some mint green though.

Any pregnancy must haves? 

If you are suffering with sickness/nausea then I would recommend travel sickness bands. I got mine in boots and wore them religiously throughout my first trimester.

I hope you enjoyed reading this tag – it was nice to reflect on my pregnancy so far. I would love to hear from any of you that are pregnant or have been pregnant!

Here is my first ever bump selfie!